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Although Internet offers us lots of advantages for us and our computers, it has also meant the spread of virus and malware, what makes our computer to be in danger when we are online.

E-mails, downloads and websites can be dangerous for our computers if we are not protected. F-Secure Internet Security allows you to make safer your system with good tools created for that purpose that will create a safe environment for our computer where you'll be able to work with no menaces.

F-Secure Internet Security includes antivirus, firewall, spam control and parental control. Those security filters are updated daily, so you'll be always protected against the latest threats.

The antivirus can work in the background scanning all the actions you perform, including the possible infection via e-mail.

The firewall includes different profiles and you an create your own security level.

The Spam control offers different filters classified by severity depending on the number of garbage mails you usually receive.

The parental control allows you to create different profiles for children or teenagers, including the possibility of restrict the number of hours of Internet connection and the content that can be visited.

In short, F-Secure Internet Security becomes a good choice if you want to protect your system and your family.

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